Carbon footprint calculations | Environmental impact

Climate change, greenhouse gases, GHG reduction, carbon footprint, EPD, environmental impact declaration, zero emission buildings – these are terms that we hear more and more often both in the business environment and in our everyday life. But what is behind these terms? What data and how do you need to calculate your organization’s GHG, what does the product’s environmental declaration show? What is Zero Emission? We can answer these questions and many others in our trainings.

Benefits for you

Empowered Teams

Empower your team with the knowledge they need to make informed sustainability decisions and achieve your organisation’s climate change mitigation goals.


Stay ahead of regulatory changes and industry shifts towards sustainability.

Practical Application

Beyond theory, we focus on practical applications, equipping participants with the skills needed to implement sustainable practices in real-world scenarios.

Training topics:

  • Organizations’ CO2 footprint, how to evaluate, transparently declare and reduce?
  • How to transparently declare product’s environmental impact?
  • Carbon embodied. Compliance and trends in the real estate sector
  • Zero emission buildings. How to achieve it
  • Individual training

* The price of training is calculated individually 

Ready to Start?

Ready to Start?

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