LPTVS certification

Sustainable construction has become not only an ambition, but a necessity in Lithuania and the rest of the world. For this reason, the national certification system LPTVS (Lithuanian Building Sustainability Evaluation System) was created as a local hollistic building sustainability standard, accounting for construction sustainability aspects based on the context of Lithuania.

LPTVS building sustainability standard is designed to objectively and transparently determine the sustainability level of Lithuanian built environment, and to publicly declare the best sustainable design and construction practice. This sustainability evaluation standard and certification system has been created and presented by the Green Building Council of Lithuania in accordance to worldwide recognised assessment methods.

Benefits for you

SVG Investor


LPTVS certification is reputable and gives green buildings transparency. Better, healthier buildings typically command higher rents and are more valuable. Large RE and Institutional Investors have discovered this and many restrict their investments to include only green building projects. Such buildings comply with national sustainability regulations (e.g. Vilnius city general plan).


A property with a green building certification can result in higher occupancy rates or increased tenant satisfaction, which translates into longer leases, higher demand or a rent premium.


Making sustainable upgrades to existing properties can be beneficial in terms of cash flow. Efficiency improvements can reduce operational costs through lower utility bills and maintenance costs, lower exposure to energy price risk or lower insurance and debt cost.

We provide:

  • Feasibility study and preliminary assessment
  • Preparation of strategy and action plan
  • Tasks and support for all stakeholders
  • Document review and feedback
  • Data collection and submission to LPTVS
  • Participation in planning of design and construction works
  • Consulting at all certification stages
  • Additional studies and analyses for LPTVS certification

* The price is calculated individually for each project

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