EDGE certification

EDGE certification (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) —a cutting-edge standard that strikes a harmonious balance between resource efficiency and environmental impact. It is very popular in Asia and South America, especially in developing countries.

EDGE certificate is a simplified environmental sustainability certification standard for real estate that is rooted in innovation and guided by data-driven design. While LEED and BREEAM highlight holistic sustainability, EDGE certification places a specific emphasis on resource efficiency, and empowers projects to optimize energy, water, and embodied energy in materials, all while reducing environmental footprints.

Benefits for you


Investing in EDGE-certified properties is a strategic move that combines financial returns with responsible development. These properties deliver long-term cost savings, reduced operational risks, and a compelling value proposition for tenants seeking resource-efficient spaces.


Inhabitants of EDGE-certified spaces experience an environment that balances modern comfort with conscientious resource use. Efficient lighting, water-saving fixtures, and enhanced insulation create spaces that not only inspire productivity but also align with the eco-conscious values of modern tenants.


From reduced utility costs to minimized resource consumption, these properties showcase operational efficiency that directly translates into financial gains. Moreover, EDGE certification demonstrates a commitment to sustainable growth, aligning with global trends and responsible stewardship.

We provide:

  • Preparation of strategy and action plan
  • EDGE requirements – tasks and support
  • Document review and feedback
  • EDGE app management
  • EDGE Audit and site visit services
  • Data collection and submission to the certification body
  • EDGE Expert consultations at all certification stages

* The price is calculated individually for each project

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