ESG and sustainability principles integration is more important than ever – from a value creation for all stakeholders, the effective risk and impact management to a responsible and transparent business development.

Evaldas Savickis

Evaldas Savickis

Director, ceo

In 2020, we developed VESTA strategy for 2021-2023, whose one of the main strategic goals is to develop VESTA organization based on the sustainability standards. We are a consultancy company, so in our day-to-day activities we work with many different stakeholders who influence VESTA’s activities and, of course, results. I will admit that one of the biggest challenges is finding the most appropriate way and sufficient resources to ensure greater engagement of all the stakeholders with our organization.

Yet one of the biggest impact on the development and performance of our organization comes, in my opinion, from our people, who are committed to helping our customers meet their sustainability goals. In recent years, we have been working systematically to ensure good working conditions, maintain a high level of employee engagement, provide professional development environment, and ensure diversity and well-being. This is a priority for our organization. Therefore, I am very pleased to receive feedback that VESTA is seen as a desirable and responsible employer that provides opportunities for development and an inclusive work environment.

I am glad to receive positive feedback from our clients who highly value the cooperation with VESTA. Therefore, we will continue to improve the quality of services we provide, expand competences by ensuring a wide range of sustainability services, taking into account the needs of our customers.

By telling our sustainability story clearly, truthfully and transparently, the trust is built, which is fundamental to achieving sustained value creation. I appreciate and am pleased with the journey VESTA has travelled and the experience it has gained through its contribution to the development and implementation of clients’ sustainability strategies. It’s also what drives us to grow and develop an even more sustainable organization.